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Immigration News

Moving to the United States from Latin & Hispanic Countries: What You Need to Know

On August 24, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

The opportunity of migration can be exciting, daunting, and rewarding. Many nationals from the Latin and Hispanic countries are tuRead more

The opportunity of migration can be exciRead More

Temporary Protected Status: What You Need to Know

On August 24, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

By Linda Nwoke A recent and unexpected surge of migrants that began as early as May has arrived in New York City, causing a swellRead more

By Linda Nwoke A recent and unexpected sRead More

How to Break Free from an Abusive Relationship: Tips for Victims

On August 22, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

By Mary Campbell It can be hard to break free from an abusive relationship. If you’re feeling trapped and helpless, know that youRead more

By Mary Campbell It can be hard to breakRead More

What You Need to Know About the New Proposal to Update The Registry

On August 19, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

By Walter Ewing, Immigration Impact Democrats in the House of Representatives have introduced a bill that would allow undocumentedRead more

By Walter Ewing, Immigration Impact DemoRead More

Immigrant Advocates Slam Texas Gov for Busing Migrants to NYC as Callous Political Ploy

On August 17, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

On Friday, August 5, Governor Greg Abbott announced the arrival of the first group of migrants bused to New York City from Texas.Read more

On Friday, August 5, Governor Greg AbbotRead More

Biden Administration Ends Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

On August 15, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

By Chris Tobias On Monday, August 8, the Biden administration announced it would wind down the use of a controversial immigrationRead more

By Chris Tobias On Monday, August 8, theRead More

Anti-Immigrant Republican Extremism Positions Itself and Intensifies

On August 13, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

By Americas Voice Whether through state laws, city ordinances, executive orders, or federal measures, if anti-immigrant RepublicanRead more

By Americas Voice Whether through stateRead More

New York City Council Holds Special Hearing on Asylum Seekers Bused From Texas

On August 13, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

By ABC 7 New York The New York City Council held a special hearing Tuesday to look at conditions in the city’s homeless shelters aRead more

By ABC 7 New York The New York City CounRead More

Welcoming and Inclusive State Policies: A Midyear Review of State Legislative Sessions in 2022

On August 10, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

By American Immigration Council Staff, Immigration Impact As immigration bills languish in Congress, state legislatures continue tRead more

By American Immigration Council Staff, IRead More

Newly Naturalized Citizens Can Impact Midterm Elections in Key States, New Report Finds

On August 7, 2022Source: New York Immigration Lawyer

NATIONWIDE – A new report released on July 20 by the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) and SEIU presents the proRead more

NATIONWIDE – A new report releasedRead More

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Figeroux & Associates frequently volunteer their time to speak about the issues of concern to the community. Topics include, but are not limited to, immigration, civil rights, consumer rights, wills, trusts & estate. If you would like Figeroux & Associates to be a guest speaker at your event, please call 855-768-8845 (For English) or 800-470-6113 (For Spanish) today to discuss. When calling, please have the date and location of your event, the expected number of participants and, the particular topic(s) you are interested in having the attorney speak on. All speaking engagements are offered free of charge by the attorney as a community service in New York City. Presentations are available in English and Spanish.

Professional Engagements

As part of our law firm’s commitment to providing superior client service and to help our clients stay abreast of the latest Business and EB5 trends, we offer frequent seminars. These seminars are presented in-person in partnership with the New American Chamber of Commerce, the African American International Chamber of Commerce and the New York Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, at the NACC Chamber and via webcast to accommodate individual schedules.

The Law Offices of Figeroux & Associates are open to business conferences and seminars representing companies that seek foreign investments using EB5 funding; the seminars and webcasts are designed to assist business owners with developing and implementing their capitalization goals. The seminars are also designed to assist individuals from across the globe to understand the recent changes in US EB5 Immigration Law. If you wish to invite Figeroux & Associates for professional engagements, please complete the form.

Paralegal Certificate Program

The Chambers’ Paralegal Certificate Program is the cornerstone of our Chamber, CARE, IJLEF, and Figeroux & Associates, an educational empowerment project to help members of our community attain job training in one of the fastest-growing careers in the country.

Paralegals perform legal­, regulatory­ and business­related research for lawyers working at their organization. Most of the time paralegals work for law offices, corporations’ legal departments or courts. These professionals also provide legal support services to attorneys. They assist lawyers in filing materials such as motions, memoranda, pleadings and briefs in various court systems, as well as accompany lawyers to see clients and/or to go to court.

Paralegals may have to interview clients either by phone or in person prior to referring them to their organization’s lawyers; they may have the authority to accept or reject potential clients. Paralegals also edit pleadings, technical papers, briefs and other documents, helping review legal documents to make sure that relevant facts are included. They may have to travel to various courts to accompany their organization’s lawyers, and they may have to train and coach new or more junior paralegals.